Episode 140 – How to Crush Your Business Goals in 2021

A lot of people wrote 2020 off as a year. We’re about to explain why that might be the biggest mistake you could make as a businessman.

This one tiny shift in perspective might completely change what the next year brings you. But if you’re in “reactive” mode, like most other people, 2021 might not be any better for you than 2020 was.

This week, we look at what you can do to come out of this and be miles ahead of your competition. We also reveal:

  • What to focus on to get the fastest results in business
  • The best personal development program that nobody talks about
  • Why you should get your kids into entrepreneurialism early
  • Proof that 2020 shouldn’t be a write-off for your business
  • How and why to end this year with a bang
  • What the “Morning Routine” gurus aren’t telling you
  • How the uncertainty of this year can give you a competitive advantage in the next year
  • The best time of day to meditate
  • What to do in November to get your business ready for January
  • Why morning coffee can set you up for failure
  • And a lot more

Make sure you don’t miss this one. Listen now.


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