Episode 139 – Paying for Results Instead of Excuses

In the last couple of years, I’ve spent thousands of dollars on marketing, and from most of the people I hired, I got much less back, in terms of results.

This problem isn’t exclusive to marketers, either. It seems like a lot of people these days want to get paid, just for showing up, regardless of what they deliver.

As business owners, how do we put an end to the madness? And, is this an issue that goes beyond the business world? Is it now starting to show up at a societal level?

Join us as we reveal:

  • The 3 main reasons business owners hesitate to invest in their own marketing
  • Proof that modern business is programming people to NOT deliver results
  • Why hourly and salary employees are holding your business back
  • How ideas of equity and participation trophies are affecting the modern workplace
  • The pros and cons of capitalism and social welfare
  • How freeloading team members affect the morale of your hardest-working people
  • The biggest reason to pay your team members based on their results
  • The one person on your team you NEVER want to pay based on results (and why)
  • And a lot more

Listen now.

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