Episode 136 – Team Building for a Better Business with Jas Takhar

As your business grows, so will your team. And as your team grows, your role as a leader will change and evolve. So, how do you ensure the skills that got you here, will get you there, and beyond?

Jas Takhar is a real estate investor, content creator, and team leader of a thriving business. This week, he joins us to discuss:

What selling magazines and newspapers can teach you about being an entrepreneur

  • Why focusing on your strengths is better than worrying about your weaknesses
  • Why you need bigger dreams
  • The ONE thing you need if you want to lead a larger team
  • How to deal with team members who don’t like your style
  • Why some teams give 110% while others give just enough to justify their paycheck
  • How to get more “WOWs” from your clients and customers
  • Why your content shouldn’t look like what the rest of your industry is doing

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