Episode 133 – The Science of Being a Complete Man

As science catches up to ancient wisdom, we begin to see spiritual teachings of the past in a new light. New science is proving old concepts about our mind, our consciousness, and what it means to be a complete man.

Three areas of study, in particular, should interest every guy out there, wanting to reach his full potential. And we take a look at each one, in this week’s episode of the podcast.

You’ll discover:

  • How having a kid can change a man’s priorities and worldview
  • Why you should consider being a mentor for someone
  • Three areas of science every man needs to be aware of
  • Proof that spirituality isn’t just superstition
  • Why some guys care about self-improvement and others don’t
  • One life change you can make to improve your memory
  • Proof that you can rewire your own neuro patterns
  • How personal trauma affects your whole body
  • Ways that men can heal themselves without medicine
  • One reason why some men might heal faster than others
  • And a lot more

Listen now.



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