Episode 130 – The Impact Of COVID On Kids

As guys, we try to maintain an attitude of “I can handle whatever the world throws at me.”

We’ve been through the wringer. We’ve come out victorious. For us, COVID is another challenge that we’ll give our all and hopefully come out stronger on the other side.

But for our kids, while they’re in their most formative years, the impact of a global crisis like this can be almost impossible to guess.

Purdeep and Nathan are both fathers and business owners. This week, they talk about how they’re handling things when it comes to the kids they’re raising… and they don’t have the same answers.

You’ll hear their take on things when it comes to:

  • Two major ways COVID impacted summer vacation
  • How worried you should be about your kids and their exposure to the virus
  • Clever ways to keep your kids physically fit during the lockdown
  • Mental health risks that seem to be going undiscussed during the pandemic
  • The dehumanizing psychological effects of wearing masks all the time
  • One way to keep your kids mental health in a positive state during all this
  • The pros and cons of our reliance on technology to get us through
  • What to do if your social media feed is getting too toxic for you
  • How much news you should be watching to stay informed, without getting overwhelmed
  • Three things to be conscious of when communicating with your kids during the pandemic
  • And a lot more

If you’re a father, don’t miss this one.


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