Episode 129 – Why Mindful Communication Matters Now, More Than Ever

From small spats with your loved ones, to disagreements in a work meeting, to high stakes negotiations, communication is key. But way too many people communicate with the wrong goals in mind. Even worse, many communicate with no conscious guidance at all.

Jonathan Miller is the host of the Mindful Communications podcast. He’s studied all kinds of communication types, from NLP to NVC, and he’s put them into action in his own life and business. Today, he joins the podcast to reveal what works, what doesn’t, and what most people do wrong when communicating with others.

We’ll also discuss:

How unclear communication leads to arguments over minor issues
Why guys have trouble communicating their feelings
How your parents impact your communication style
5 ways that guys deal with conflict, and which works best for each situation
The pros and cons of cooperation vs competition
The dangers of using communication skills for selfish ends
A life-changing lesson from the Buddha
And a lot more
Whether you’re a family man or a businessman, this episode is for you.

Listen now.


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