Episode 127 – Leadership and Love

What comes to mind when you think of a strong leader?

Is it someone who commands respect? Is it someone who oozes with charm and charisma? Whatever it is, “Love” is probably not what first came to mind when you asked yourself the question.

In fact, love is one of those mushy-feely words that we don’t really talk about that much as guys. But we should. And this week, we dive into why.

Whether you want to be a better boss, a better father, or a better bro, this uncomfortable topic might be what’s holding you back. Listen, and you’ll discover:

  • Four family values that can make you a better father
  • How the media uses our instincts against us
  • Why social media algorithms are destroying society
  • Why we’re less open with positive our emotions as we get older
  • What to do when the world gets you down
  • The relationship between health and your emotional state
  • The real purpose of meditation (it’s not what most people think)
  • A secret energetic superpower that you don’t even know you have
  • Why you need to be a little selfish every now and then
  • The biggest reason to stop comparing yourself to other men today
  • Why you should choose your words carefully, now, more than ever
  • And a lot more

Listen now.

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