Episode 123 – Three Relationships Every Man Needs to Have

Some call them the three buckets. Others call them the three bank accounts. These are the three relationships every man must have in his life if he wants to reach his full potential.

Each one is an investment. Each one builds off the other. Most guys focus on one or two of them, but all three need attention if any of them are to yield fruit.

What are they? Well, you’ll have to listen to find out. We’ll also get into:

  • How to regain your passion in life
  • What to do when the world gets you down
  • What to focus on when rebuilding your business
  • The 3 relationships that matter most for every high achieving man
  • Why devoting all your energy to your business is a fool’s errand
  • The truth behind achieving “work/life balance”
  • How self-worth tricks us into chasing the wrong things in life
  • Why you sometimes need to be selfish for your own good
  • One thing men could learn from the women in their lives
  • The masculine trait you have to keep in check if you want to succeed
  • And a lot more

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