Episode 118 – Why Leadership Matters Now, More Than Ever

Have you had a look outside? It’s getting crazy out there. And it’s not looking like it’ll clear up, anytime soon.

What the world needs now is strong, moral leadership. Unfortunately, it’s in short supply. And the conversations we need to have are being shouted over by the loudest, most emotional among us.

How do we right the ship?

In this week’s podcast, we talk about that, and:

  • How current events might be impacting our kids
  • Why positions of power tend to be filled with the worst kind of people
  • Why nuanced thinking is more important now than ever
  • How emotions are making people less rational
  • Why leadership in the family is just as important as political leadership is
  • A big part of the racism problem that isn’t being addressed and why the problem can never be solved until it is
  • Why expecting other people to solve our problems never works
  • What role men need to play in the direction we move as a people, going forward
  • And a lot more

Warning; Strong language in this one. But worth listening to.

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