Episode 116 – How Consciousness and Meditation Impact Reality

Okay, hear me out… This one gets a little bit into the woo, but it’s worth listening to.

What if you could manifest the world around you? What if your thoughts had more impact than just on the actions you take? Would you want to know about it? Or would you want to remain in the dark?

If you’d want to know about it, this is the episode for you. We take a bit of a walk on the wild side and delve into:

The hidden connection between you and the world around you
Why meditation improves your thinking ability
Where precognition comes from and how to tap into it
The scientific link between mindset and physical health
The nature of reality and how frequencies impact each other
Why there’s really no such thing as “good” and “bad”
Proof that your body has the ability to heal itself
What fear does to your mind and body and how meditation can undo the damage
The double-edged sword of mindfulness
One simple way to get massive creative energy
And a lot more

Listen now.


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