Episode 114 – The Silent Business Killer

Stress is always bad on the body and the mind, but we don’t often think about how it impacts our businesses. Right now, more than ever, it’s having an immeasurable effect on who’s staying afloat and who’s going under.

Want your business to survives these turbulent economic times? This is the number one thing you can do to make sure that happens. Keep your stress under control.

This week’s episode covers that, and:

  • The negative side-effects of letting stress get the best of you
  • Why so many people feel have a hard time dealing with stressful situations
  • What you can be doing to take back control in times like this
  • 5 key activities to reset your stress levels back to zero
  • What to (and not to) put in your body in times of high stress
  • How the media you consume impacts your physical health
  • Proof that the energy you put out there impacts the world around you
  • Ways the lockdowns are hurting people that we aren’t paying attention enough attention
  • What you can do to make things better
  • And a lot more

Listen now.

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