Episode 113 – Reputation Repair with Mike Mooney

Right now, reputation matters more than ever before. Even the tiniest mistake can ruin your brand. And with many people just looking for an excuse to cancel you over something you posted on social media five years ago, you’ve gotta know what to do when the outrage mob comes for you.

Mike Mooney came from the high speed and high stakes world of professional motorsports. Now, he helps business owners and professionals keep a good reputation in the age authenticity. And it doesn’t have to be all corporate speak and PR spin. He teaches you how to be you, and still be someone your tribe has trust in.

This week, he joins us to discuss:

  • Why reputation matters now, more than ever
  • How your social media presence impacts your business
  • The true value of your reputation
  • What to do in times of high stress to protect your reputation
  • How to regain trust when you’ve ruined your goodwill with them
  • The only three things we really have control over in life
  • Why money is no longer the currency to worry about
  • How to deal with emotions that weigh you down in stressful times
  • Why your reputation with your family is just as important as your reputation with the public
  • And a lot more.

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