Episode 112 – 3 Skills Business Owners Must Have to Survive This Crisis

This is a pivotal time for almost every business owner out there right now. A lot of people won’t see their business come out the other end of it. How can you prepare and ensure yours isn’t one of the casualties?

There are a few key skills you need to have in place to weather this storm. We go deep into what they are, and how to develop them, in this week’s podcast. We’ll also get into:

  • Why a good economy sends false signals to business owners
  • Why some business owners were set up to prosper in the middle of all this
  • What global trade might look like after the virus, and what mistakes we might end up making
  • The two things that all successful businesses boil down to
  • Which expenses should never be looked at as expenses
  • What to do if you’re struggling to stay productive right now
  • Why leadership matters now more than ever
  • The mental tool of everything that’s happening
  • Why some of the old staples of leadership might not work right now
  • How the media you watch and the people who surround you are impacting the way you think
  • How to make good decisions in a stressful time
  • And a lot more

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