Episode 111 – A Man’s Role in the Relationship

As guys, we tend to have trouble opening up and expressing our emotions. We think this makes us strong and stoic. But taken to the extreme, it can drive our women crazy.

How many other “manly” personality traits do we have that might be shooting us in the foot?

Dr. John Schinnerer joins us to unravel this very uncomfortable subject. He’s the host of The Evolved Caveman Podcast, as well as a trained coach and councilor on men’s issues.

In this podcast, he dives into:

  • Why our perceived strengths might actually be our weaknesses
  • How the modern world is confusing the gender roles and messing up relationships
  • The differences between men in different generations
  • Why men and women have so much trouble connecting these days
  • Why so many millennial men are “failing to launch”
  • Tips for raising boys into men in the current year
  • How common ways of insulting men affects little girls
  • Why couples marriage counseling fails so many couples
  • How to fight “toxic masculinity” without attacking what it means to be a man
  • What it truly means to be an Alpha Male
  • One great way to get in touch with your feelings without feeling feminized
  • Why lifelong learners make the best partners
  • And a lot more

Tune in now.


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