We’ve all had at least one nightmare client. We took them on, obligated ourselves with their money, then realized it was a HUGE mistake. Wanna make sure that never happens again?

This is something you’ll eventually figure out through trial and error, but you might as well take the shortcut. There are a few simple things you can do to bring in better clients and more business, while avoiding the people who drive you crazy.

We’ll cover that, and all this, in this week’s podcast episode.

  • The viral meme you should NEVER post on social media
  • Why your prospects are lowballing you (and what you can do to change it)
  • Three things to do before you ever get on another “strategy call” with a prospect
  • One big thing that prospects need to get before they buy
  • How being a bridge maker can bring you more business
  • What a drug-pushing doctor can teach you about doing business the right way
  • Why telling people “no” is the best thing to do when you want more business
  • And a lot more

Listen now.