This is a hard show to write a description for.

Our guest, Brian Brawdy, went through a lot. From being on top of the world to facing his own mortality. Through five surgeries and a case of amnesia. Brian has been through the gauntlet and he’s back to share some insights he’s gained along the way.

In his triumphant return, he’s here to share with you:

  • What it’s like to stare down your own demise
  • How to find hope in your darkest hour
  • One profound way to live on in the memories of your loved ones
  • A hidden health danger we’re all swimming in (and how to protect yourself)
  • What happens to your mental health when you disconnect from social media
  • Why men need to go back to being bada$$es
  • How “Participation Trophies” are stunting our children and setting them up for failure
  • Why “Average” should be strived for
  • And a lot more

Listen now.