Would you rather learn from someone who works a hundred hours a week and barely makes ends meet, or from someone who thrives off of a side hustle?

Most people think building a successful business is about grinding and sacrifice. Tony Whatley would disagree.

He’s started multiple businesses, many of which pay him generously, all of which only take an hour or two a week to maintain. Wanna know his secrets?

Tune in and hear him discuss:

  • Why the employee mindset holds so many people back (including people who earn a big salary)
  • The secret to scaling the worth of your time
  • Why “hustling your face off” isn’t the key to success
  • The biggest mistake people make when planning out their new business
  • What people get wrong about college and success
  • Where the education system is leading our kids astray
  • The only three exercises you need to do to stay in shape
  • How to tell if someone is giving you good or bad advice
  • And a lot more

Listen now.

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