Life can get crazy for today’s guys. Especially if you’re a high achiever.

You’ve got personal issues and professional issues. You’re trying to stay healthy and build your legacy. It can be a little overwhelming.

The most successful men have a secret edge that they rarely share with the rest of us. It’s not about hustling till their face falls off. It’s not about the law of attraction. It’s about getting clear on what they want and seeing a path to make it happen.

Depending on what you already know, this might sound easy or incredibly difficult. Either way, we’ve got you covered. This week’s episode lays it all out, as well as revealing:

  • The strange link between visualizing something and actually doing it
  • How imagination and memorization are connected
  • The difference between worrying about the future and visualizing it
  • What role meditation plays in manifesting success
  • What the world’s best basketball and piano players have in common
  • Why rehearsal makes such a big difference in results
  • The hidden dangers of visualizing that most people aren’t aware of
  • The power of pen and paper for reaching goals
  • How hyper-focusing on a gaols makes them easier to achieve
  • A simple trick for people who have trouble meditating
  • And more

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