Episdoe 76 – Landing Big Ticket Clients with Dr. Pelé

People don’t care about your elevator pitch. As soon as you start talking, they’re already looking for reasons to leave. As soon as you start pitching, they see red flags and start raising their defenses. So, how do you start a conversation with big-ticket clients in a way that doesn’t scare them off?
Dr. Pelé joins us on the podcast to explain how you can do just that. He’s a musician, a Doctor of Narrative Psychology (yes, that’s a thing), and he helps people land their dream clients. His story and approach will blow your mind.
Tune in and discover:
  • Why we can’t ignore a good story
  • How to design a story your prospects can’t ignore
  • 3 Storytelling secrets that make you irresistible to big-ticket clients
  • Why you should never copy and paste someone else’s story into your marketing
  • The biggest way guys get in their own way when going after clients
  • How to use stories to get more sales
  • The best way to construct a persuasive story
  • The 5 C’s you need to tell a great story
  • And a lot more
You don’t want to miss this one. Listen now.

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