3 Simple And Super Effective Tips To Plan Your Week For Success

3 Simple And Super Effective Tips To Plan Your Week For Success

There are 7 P’s for success: Purpose, Passion, Priorities, Pleasure, Planning, Productivity, and Progress. Planning is the fifth “P” but one of the most important. How you plan your week matters. By planning your week, not only do you structure your time better but you also know exactly what you are looking to achieve. Greater clarity gives you greater ability to execute and achieve the success you want.

Tip #1 (Plan On Sunday)

Start planning your week on Sunday. I know it can be tough because Sunday is suppose to be relax mode and thinking about work on Monday can make you anxious. In fact, studies show that people’s anxiety increases on Sunday when they think about working Monday morning. However, spending 20 minutes to put together your overall game-plan for the week will give you a much needed head start for the week.

All you need to do is write down your top 3-5 outcomes that you want to achieve for the week. These also include your relationship and personal outcomes as well. You have three “buckets” in life: work, relationships and self. You need outcomes for all three to have a balanced life. These outcomes are also suppose to be your biggest outcomes that give you significant progress. When you aim BIG, you achieve BIG. The opposite it true as well.

Tip #2 (Use Mon-Wed As Your Days)

Plan smart and schedule Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday as days for you to achieve your outcomes, not anyone else’s. You priorities need to be your priorities and therefore the start of your week should be focused on your priorities. Not your team’s priorities, not your vendor’s priorities or anyone else’s priorities. Avoid scheduling regular meetings, updates calls, etc. during this three day period. You don’t want these days to be your routine days. Instead, you want these days to be your PROGRESS days. Doing maintenance activities will keep you in maintenance mode. You should be in growth mode.

Tip #3 (Plan For Outcomes)

Plan each day for outcomes, not activities. Outcomes lead to results. Activities just lead to being busy. There’s a massive difference. If you focus on all the things you “need” to do, you stunt your progress. Rather, you should have your eye on the outcomes and determine three things: a) what can accelerate your path to achieve your outcomes for the day b) who can help you accelerate the path to achieve you outcomes c) what activities will slow you done from achieving these outcomes. You also want to have outcomes for each bucket in your life. One outcome for your career, relationship and for yourself. Don’t just focus on work as many men do. Your life becomes unbalanced and eventually tips over which is not a good thing.


By following these three tips, not only will you achieve more but you’ll also enjoy your life a lot more as well! A good life starts with a good plan.

All the best!


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