How To Improve Every Relationship You Have With One Step

How To Improve Every Relationship You Have With One Step

To be a successful businessman, your relationships with people matter. Whether that’s with your employees or your wife, you’re constantly strengthening or weakening your relationships with them. A positive relationship will help you achieve your goals faster and it will make you feel better as well. Numerous studies have shown that the degree of your happiness is strongly affected by the types and depth of relationships you have with the people around you. Better relationships lead to a better life.

The Simple Step

To improve your relationships significantly, there is one thing you can do that requires very little effort. It’s creating a shared goal(s) with the other person(s) in the relationship. A shared goal is a goal that every person in the relationship is engaged in creating and experiencing. In your marriage, you should have shared goals with your wife. As a father, you should have shared goals with your kids. As a business leader, you should have shared goals with each of your employees. Shared goals improve relationships of any size, between two people or even a few hundred.

How Shared Goals Impact A Relationship

When two people are in a relationship, there are literally two different brains working together. Two brains that have completely different thinking patterns. No matter how close you are to the other person, your brains will never think the same. You may have some similarities in preferences but how your brain computes is completely different than how their brain computes even if the differences are minute. The reason why this is important is that you have two people who are experiencing the world totally different. There’s a lot of benefits in different thinking but it also poses some challenges. In most cases, differences lead to the two people working for their own outcomes. Separate outcomes can distance a relationship and make it dysfunctional.

The human brain is a goal driven organ. It is built to pursue a goal. If you don’t present it with a goal, it will create its own. A shared goal in a relationship unites the two brains and experiences. The two people are literally having a shared experience when their goals match. It goes from “me” to “we.” The “we” not only improves the bonding in the relationship, but it also improves the productivity and results. How many times have you had to redo something or failed to achieve a result because you were not on the same page as the other person?

What To Do Next In Your Relationship

It’s simple, just ask the person what they want to achieve? What are their goals? In your marriage, ask your wife what her goals are. With your kids, ask them what their goals are. Determine where you have shared goals or create new shared goals. This is also a great way to diffuse conflict. If you’re dealing with a tough situation or relationship, starting the conversation off by mentioning a shared goal removes much of the tension. It’s difficult for someone to be upset with you when they feel that you’re helping them get what they want.


When you come together to share a goal and help the other person achieve it, your relationship becomes more productive, impactful and fulfilling. Bottom line!

All the best!

Purdeep Sangha

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