Important Changes in the Home Environment To Make You a Better Father and Husband cover

Important Changes in the Home Environment To Make You a Better Father and Husband

The family is a crucial component of our lives. It’s the home where we spend most of our time, and it should be a happy environment. However, raising one is not easy. Several factors play into the family dynamics and relationships between members.

One of these factors is the home environment. It’s supposed to be a happy and healthy one. But often, some family patterns are established that make family life unhappy or unhealthy for everyone. These patterns may have been in place for generations, but they can be changed to create a healthy atmosphere.

Work Addiction

One of the most destructive patterns is work addiction. Addiction of a father can be very damaging because the work addict’s behaviour and lifestyle negatively affect the other family members. You need to break this cycle of saying constantly surrounded by work responsibilities by getting help from your family and friends.


Parents’ behaviour can have long-term effects on children. It can affect their self-esteem, their relationship with people around them, their performance at school, and their home behaviour. As a result, changing any unhealthy pattern will make your relationship with your family healthier.


This issue occurs when parents don’t want to accept their need to change. It may entail emotional neglect when parents do not spend time with the children or wife to express their concern about their feelings.

Lack of Flexibility in Decision Making

This involves a situation where there are only rules or boundaries without everyone agreeing with them. The father makes all the decisions without consultation from the wife or talking through it with the kids. This will affect your relationship with your family resulting in constant fighting and misunderstandings.

Rigid Gender Roles

A family pattern that can be damaging to children is when the parents adhere to rigid gender roles and do not want to get out of them even when not everyone agrees. This rigidity means that the father is always the breadwinner while the mother looks after the home and children and there is no understanding or support for the home from the father. When this happens, it limits a child’s ability to develop a healthy image of what a family should be like, while the wife feels overwhelmed by attending to certain responsibilities on her own and not being listened to in her support needs.

The discussions above have a great potential of ruining a relationship. You’ll be surprised how the slight adjustment in what you do will improve the environment around you. Consequently, quitting these acts will bring the children and your spouse closer to you than before, making it a happy home.

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