How To Create Exponential Abundance Using Mindfulness!

How To Create Exponential Abundance Using Mindfulness!

There is a way to make more money and have everything you want in life with less effort and less stress by elevating your mindfulness.

Why Most Guys Struggle

Are you doing the same old things and expecting to get different results? Are you tired of spending more time working than you are enjoying your life? Are you feeling the daily stress of running a business and a happy family at the same time? Do you feel like you're constantly working against some form of resistance and nothing comes easy? If you answered 'yes' to any of these, you need to keep reading.

Most guys struggle with this concept of working less and not forcing things to achieve what they want. It sounds counter intuitive because you are taught that hard work and hustle get you results. And as a guy, using brute force and sheer will is an inherent part of you. "Never give up", "give it everything you have" and "you must push through adversity". Sound familiar? These quotes are great and do apply to life but it programs you to push harder and harder, even though you may not need to.

Words To Remember

I struggled with this for years before I finally realized that working harder and giving it everything I had, wasn't the right way. I became so focused on never giving up on my dreams that I became narrow-minded and didn't look for the subtle hints of doing things SMARTER. I was constantly frustrated and wondering why I wasn't getting the results I wanted even though I was working day and night. I felt like I was in this vicious cycle. It was like playing golf, the harder you try, the worse you get.

And then, one of my spiritual mentors mentioned something that will stick with me forever. He said "Follow the flow. When you are aligned with yourself, the universe will give you subtle hints. Right now you are trying too hard". The moment I released the internal tension built up in me, things just fell into place. Business opportunities came one after another, without me even pursuing them. The concept of The Male Entrepreneur came to me. Things just started to fall into place.

Elevating Your Degree Of Mindfulness

You're probably wondering what 'mindfulness' means. Let's start off with what mindfulness is NOT. It's not shaving your head and moving to Tibet to become a monk. I thought about that once and then I realized that it's way too cold there! And it's not giving up your inner desires to become one with the universe. You don't have to give up drinking and having sex just to elevate your level of consciousness.

Mindfulness is being more AWARE of the present moment, MASTERING your emotions and HARNESSING your inner FORCE to get EXPONENTIAL results. Going from operating at 40% to 150% and beyond!

Mindfulness means that you embrace who you are or who you want to be. If you are a man with strong sexual desires or have a need for an adrenaline rush, then you should be living those desires out as long as it doesn't harm any other being. I say 'being' because some guys get a rush from shooting animals for sport and that's not being mindful. You are meant to live your life with abundance. You should have all the luxuries that you desire. This idea that you don't deserve everything you want, is false. It's a made up story. You were put on this earth for a reason. It's to enjoy your life to the fullest. Whatever that means to you. Don't sell yourself short.

Aligning Your Inner Force

The reason why you aren't achieving all your goals in life isn't because you aren't trying hard enough. It's because you are not aligned. Imagine towing a trailer down the highway with its brakes on. How far are you going to get? You may be able to pull it down the street and even onto the highway, but you're going to burn a lot of gas and tires getting there. It's going to take you a lot longer as well.

The only option is to align yourself so that you get momentum and the universe on your side. This means tuning into your inner force and using it to your advantage. You as a man, have an inert force inside of you that can create a life that you can't even imagine. The sad thing is that most guys don't tap into it because they don't know how.

There are three main factors to aligning yourself so that your inner force can be released:

Total Presence

First, you must be fully aware of the present moment. Society has become so distracted by the 9-5 and technology that people have forgotten how to be present. You are constantly thinking about what you have to get done tomorrow or how you missed doing something yesterday. You are consistently in the future or past. The present is where you can harness your inner force. Answer this. Can you bench press wait tomorrow or can you bench press wait yesterday? No, you can only bench press now and therefore tap into the force NOW!

"I am"

Second, you must know exactly who you are. Who are you? Do you really know? Can you describe yourself in three words? If not, then you may be unsure of who you are. If you're unsure, how can you get what you want out of life? A lion knows that it's a lion, therefore it hunts. A bird knows that it's a bird so it flies. Knowing who you are will determine what you believe, what you tell yourself, what you do, the outcomes you achieve and the abundance you experience. For example, I am a leader, visionary, and a driver. You cannot convince me otherwise and that is what determines who you are. When no one or no thing can influence who you are, you have embraced "I am".

Emotional Mastery

Third, you must master your emotions. You are not a creature of thought, you are a creature of emotions. That's how humans were designed. Your brain and body is designed to be driven by emotions. Your emotions Propel you towards your goals or PULL you away, consciously and subconsciously. Your emotions dictate what you do and how well you do it, even without you knowing. Most men and even women don't know how to manage their emotions, forget about mastering them. It's been supported by research that guys who master their emotions outperform guys who don't, regardless of IQ. Master your emotions and you will master your destiny.

For more info on these three pillars and mindfulness, subscribe to The Male Entrepreneur podcast by clicking here.

The Universe Delivers

Just look up and you will see that there is more to this physical world than you may think. I had trouble believing this myself as I was a science major. If it wasn't proven by science, it wasn't true. How foolish! But even science has proven that there is more to this universe than what we originally thought. That the majority of your body and the endless universe is made of 99.99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999990000000000% energy and space. The rest is physical matter. Holy sh*t. That means that we are walking blobs of space and energy with some specs of dust.

Why does this matter? Because your inner force (aka energy) creates a field of energy within you that attracts similar energy. Which means that if you aren't aligned internally, you will have a harder time attracting what you want in your business and life. The more aligned you are, the stronger your inner force, which attracts the things that you want in life. Money, love, experiences, freedom, and everything else you want are all attracted by specific energy. This also means that if you have a negative inner force, you will be attracting more frustration, more stress, more pain and suffering.

These principles work and I show male entrepreneurs how to harness their inner force to get exponential results in their business and life.


Align your inner force using the three pillars (Total Presence, "I am" and Emotional Mastery) and watch how the universe aligns to give you what you exponential abundance.

It's easier than you think so try it NOW!

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