Why The COMPLETE MAN Is A Better Husband And Father

Why The COMPLETE MAN Is A Better Husband And Father

As you’re reading the title, you probably fall into one of two camps. The first camp includes the men who TRULY feel they are successful and fulfilled. You feel complete and as a result, are a better husband and father. The second camp includes the men who feel INCOMPLETE and as a result, are challenged with being the best husband and father you can be. Your internal struggles are holding you back from having the life you’ve always wanted. Either way, it’s important for you to be completely open and honest with yourself. A man who is honest with himself is well on his way to being The Complete Man and being a better husband and father.


The Complete Man is the guy who is complete from within. The guy who feel victorious regardless of his external circumstances. He’s the guy who creates his destiny and experiences COMPLETE VICTORY…..and has it all. He’s the guy you look over at and wonder “How did he get that amazing life?” You may be thinking, “Is it even possible for me be this guy???” The answer is absolutely. I coach men how to have this level of success and fulfillment everyday.

Let’s be clear though. First, success should be defined on your terms, not mine or anyone else’s. Only you should define what success means to you. For some men it’s having a lot of money; for others, it’s having status; for many, it’s having the freedom to live life on your terms. But success alone isn’t enough. I’ve worked with many successful men who are not fulfilled. There is no point in having everything you want, if you’re not feeling fulfilled. Unfortunately, many men fall into this trap. It’s a nasty one as well and tough to get out of if you don’t know how to. When you have ultimate performance, achievement, success and fulfillment, you become The Complete Man.

The Challenges Of Being The Incomplete Man

Being a husband and father myself, I know the struggles that men face. It’s not easy to balance a successful career or business along with a marriage and family. On top of that, having time for yourself. When you struggle in your business or career, it impacts your ability to lead your family because you feel incomplete. There is no doubt in this.

How many times have you found yourself spending moments with your family only to be mentally distracted by the challenges at work? Probably too often. How many times have you felt like less of a man because something in your career or business wasn’t going right? It’s hard to admit but most men feel this way. Your challenges in other areas of your life are hindering your marriage and family. An incomplete man is an incomplete husband and father.

Being A Better Husband And Father

When you’re crushing it at work, you’re more likely to have the energy and enthusiasm to be a better husband and father. You feel complete from within and therefore you pass that “completeness” over to your family. You’re not distracted by all the things that are going wrong at work and that allows you to be more present at home. Even when things are falling apart, you’re still able to give your family 110% because you’re complete from within.

The two most important assets you have as a family man are your energy and attention. Your wife and kids need and crave both. They can sense when you’re energy and attention are elsewhere. When you’re The Complete Man, you have the ability to shift your energy and attention to where you want it to be, rather than where it’s forced to be as in the case of incomplete men.

The Benefits Of Being The Complete Man

Women are attracted to complete men. They have a sixth sense when a man is incomplete. And they have natural desire to be with The Complete Man. If you want your wife to be all over you, focus on being complete from within. Not only will she have more respect for you but she’ll also want to have more sex with you!

Your kids emulate you and your behavior. The best thing you can do for your kids is show them that you’re a complete man. When they see you acting, feeling and being complete, they are more likely to become complete themselves. An incomplete man will raise incomplete kids. A complete man will raise children who grow up to be healthy, successful, fulfilled and complete themselves.


There is a night and day difference between being The Complete Man vs. being an incomplete man. Not only will you have more success and fulfillment, but you’ll also have a more passionate relationship and raise healthier and happier children. So the question is how do you become The Complete Man?

The answer is in my NEW book “THE COMPLETE MAN.” After coaching men for 25 years, I’ve determined that there are three fundamental frameworks that enable men to be complete and have everything you want in life.

Simply text the word FREE to (888) 210-5566 to get your pre-release copy prior to the official launch on December 1st, 2020.

I wish you the best!


The Complete Man Book



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